Welcome to the beautiful tree section of Manhattan Beach. The tree section offers homeowners a real neighborhood feel with tree lined streets, quiet neighborhoods, beautiful homes and so much more.

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Despite the fact that this area has far more trees than other parts of the South Bay, the “tree section” is actually Tree-Section-Craftsmancalled this due to the names of the streets. Streets like Elm, Oak, Poinsettia, Palm and Pine are just a few. The area enjoys more of a family neighborhood feel than the area directly to the west known as the Sand Section. Streets are generally a bit quieter and there is more room between houses and the area enjoys relatively flat and quiet streets. The area is intersected by a strip known as the green belt which is home to joggers, walkers and dogs out for a stroll. The homes in the area are as diverse as the population with a great deal of larger new construction homes in the $2.0M and up range, and many original homes that keep the area from looking too overbuilt. The elementary school for most of the area is award winning Pacific Elementary and the area is close enough to the beach to enjoy warmer winters and cooler summers and is just a short bike ride to the coast.

  • Lot Sizes: Most lots are 40′ wide, and the length varies: 108′, 112′, 116′, 120′, 126′ and 135′.
  • Well located lots sell for 1.75M plus.
  • Marginal locations are 1.4M plus.
  • American Martyr’s lots (largest of the tree section) are 2.0M plus.
  • Height Limit: 26′, two stories, possible basement.
  • Well located new homes: 3.0+M to 6M.
  • Size are 3,100′ to 3,600′, new construction often has basements.
  • Other Located New Homes: 2.6M to 3.5M
  • There are no townhomes or condos to speak of in the tree section